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A straightforward website design service. You tell us what you're looking for and we'll build it. No need to scroll through hundreds of themes. Tell us what you like and we'll do the rest.

Wordpress Web Design for Business

Limenco Design specialises in building WordPress website’s for businesses.

Choosing is Confusing

With so much information out there, deciding on what or who to go with for a new website can get confusing. As expected this leads to hesitation on how to embrace ones website as a meaningful sales contributor.

Limenco Design specialises in building WordPress website’s for businesses.


Affordability plays a key role. Yet while popular advertising suggests that web design is quick and cheap, the reality is a different story.

Consider that according to the average Web Designer salary in South Africa is R325.00 per hour. Add to this the fact that web designers are skilled at coding, not necessarily also graphic design, copywriting or marketing. With that in mind, Understanding what you're paying for becomes clearer.

Limenco Design delivers excellent value for money.

Return on Investment

If returns were guaranteed companies would be more inclined to invest in their website as opposed to setting a budget. However a website by itself with no external assistance in the form of Marketing, SEO and advertising has a much longer road to travel before returns become predictable.

Added to which, not all web development companies have the skill or experience needed to guide clients through to the stable returns phase.

Limenco Design has over 20 years marketing experience.

Infinite Possibilities

Start Your Website on a Platform that Grows With You

Easy to Update

Our websites are built using a premium WordPress page builder. This makes it easy for our clients to login and update their website anytime. Plus we are always available to assist when needed.

Endless Functionality

The sheer volume of plugin functionality available for WordPress websites is remarkable. Making it possible to manage your website the way you want to.

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