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Web Design Workflow

What to Expect While Your Website is Being Built

What should you expect to see when your website is being built? We've put together a layman's list of the key aspects you'll encounter as you journey with us through the design and development of your new website.

Discovering you your customers your industry and even your competitors.



Wireframing is where your entire site is mapped out


Your Images and Content are a key part of the web design process.

Images & Content

Your Web Design is starting to take shape

Web Design

The development of your website has arrived.

Web Development

SEO is a vital part of a websites development


It's time to launch your newly developed website.

Website Launch


What is a Wireframe?

A wire frame is a rough overview of what pages your website will have. It shows how each page will be reached through navigation, as well as the intended routes visitors will take.

Wire framing is an important step on the road to ensuring your website meets your customers needs.

Web Design

The Vision Unfolds

Now it’s time to put everything together into a full colour mockup of what your site is going to look like right down to the smallest detail.

Below is an example of the 5th phase your website will go through during the web design process. Click on the image to view it through our online prototype software.

The Best Website Design

Is the One that Works for You, Your Site Visitor and Google

Insights to Help You Achieve the Best Website Design

When deciding what website design to go with there are three things you need to consider.

  • You - Your Company, Your Budget, Your Strategy, Your Goals.
  • Your Audience - Who are they, What are their budgets, What problem do you solve for them.
  • Search Engines - Mainly Google, but theres also Bing, Yahoo and Baidu to mention a few.

Website Design Benchmark Standards

Your website needs to fulfil a function. For you, your site visitor and Google.

When you're starting from scratch, finding clear guidelines on how to meet these expectations may prove challenging.

#1 All Websites are Not Equal

When it comes to a new website it is often a good idea to go back before you go forwards. The first understanding should be the definition of the word 'website'. The simplest definition I've seen is:


  1. a set of related web pages located under a single domain name."

There is something very specific about this definition that I often see misunderstood. And that is, that a website is a noun, not a verb.

Yes, this distinction flies in the face of reality. Billions of people spend upwards of 9 hours online a day. So there is an argument that a website could also be classed as a verb.

Technically 'we' the site visitor activates coding when we visit a site, which then creates the appearance that the website does something. But it's actually the site visitor that adds the vital ingredient.

In addition this activity is recorded by Google which then further activates other programs. The result is that the website climbs in the search engine rankings. Theres more traffic to the site and ultimately more business and increased revenues.

#2 The Word Website has Become Synonymous with More Customers

Another misunderstanding that should be cleared up is that most folks,believe that having a website automatically equals more customers.

Unfortunately it no longer works like that. There is just too much competition in the world. This means that just having a website doesn't automatically mean new customers are going to find you online.

The Solution is to Send Visitors to Your Website FIRST, Then If (and only if) You Did That According to what Google Expects. Will Google also Start Sending Visitors to Your Website. 

So theres a lot that needs to be done before you start getting new customers from your website.

#3 Starting With Your Budget

Pretty much everyone starts off the search for a new website with an idea of what they want to spend. This may be the fatal flaw. After all, if you want to reach the stars you don't start off by saying how much can we afford. You start off by asking 'what do we need to do'.

Starting with a budget sets limitations. But there is a way to placate your senses by calculating what your potential earnings and savings could be. For this we step away from the best website design and look at your competitors and your industry.

You Don't Own Your Customers, they are free to come and go as they see fit. So its worth your while to go and have a look at how much your  competitors are prepared to spend on advertising in order to lure your customers away.

HOW? Start by figuring out what your customers are looking for when they search for you. Are they looking for you by name, a product that you sell or a service you provide. You may not be well known so checking how much advertisers are spending to lure your company name searches away might be a waste of time. But don't discount this tactic. For example if you Google a chain of stores called Builders Warehouse, you'll see that ads come up first.

The question is 'how much'? For this we go to Googles Keyword planner where we discover that it costs R3.50 per click but that the CPC can go up to R14. We discover also that there are over 300 000 people in this country alone who type those two words into Google monthly.

Lets imagine you were Builders Warehouse and 300 000 people were reaching out for your products specifically. How much would you spend in order to ensure they reached you?

Well according to Google the click through rate on that keyword is 11.6% and 39 000 people are likely to click on the first ad. In other words between R140 000 and R546 000 is what a competitor would spend to lure Builder Warehouse's customers away.

If you google the words builders warehouse, you'll see that the first two ads that come up are by Builders Warehouse themselves.  That's at least R280 000 spent by the company, just to make sure their customers arrive.


Screen Shot of Googles Keyword Planner for the Phrase Builders Warehouse

Researching the value competitors place on your service or product is easy with Googles keyword planner.

With these free research tools anyone can figure out what amount of money is being invested into customer acquisition. And also bear in mind that this is being spent whether your business existed or not.

Lets look at a niche market like Printer Repairs

Keyword Planner Results for the Phrase Printer Repairs

We also look at another free research tool.

Results from Ubersuggest Research for Printer Repairs


If you were in the printer repair business none of this takes a single cent of potential earnings lost into account. Yet you could easily see that at least 160 people click into sites each month. Work that out and competitors are spending over R15000 a year to get these clicks.

Now ask yourself again. If you were in the printer repair business, how much would your new website be worth to you?

#4 What is the Quickest way to make Google Happy and Get More Customers.

That depends on who you are, what you sell and your target market.  And yes, the more money you have, the more Website and SEO work you can pay for and the quicker you can "Get More Customers"

#5 What is the Cheapest Way to make Google Happy and Get More Customers

Do it all yourself.  Literally everything you see online can be achieved with free online resources and tools.

The only snag is that it might take years to learn everything you need to learn.

#6 Great Websites Have it All

Websites that result in higher profits are the ones that have it all.

  • Well thought out navigation flows.
  • Fast loading speeds across mobile and desktop.
  • Quality Graphics.
  • Thorough Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Off page SEO

#7 Your Website is an Asset

Assets are those things that generate income. A well designed website is the kind of asset that keeps on giving year in and year out.

  • Its a site that visitors enjoy visiting.
  • Its a site that features on the first page of Google.
  • Its a website that gets visitors to reach for and buy your product or service.


Simply put your website is an integral part of your business. How you think about it is the first step to ensuring you have a great website.

We currently have an adult population that were born with the internet. These people are your customers. They influence your customers. And if there is one thing they can spot in a microsecond, its a website that's been orchestrated by the pre-internet marketing mindset.

What is the pre-marketing mindset? Go look for any business that's been around for over 20 years, you wont have to look for long and you'll know it when you see it.

Todays great websites are a combination of technology, strategy, communication and the apparency of transparency.


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Pricing a website depends on a range of factors. Who you are, your product, your budget and what you expect from the website. When it comes to a website, using a budget as a starting point is a good idea but it should not be the only factor in deciding how to proceed.

Imagine a scenario where a budget is set and adhered to and then it is discovered a year down the line, that had you restructured your investment your returns could have quadrupled. It is one thing to imagine a more prosperous business and another thing entirely to actually manage a business with greater resources.

That said, a website can have little or no impact or it can generously meet it's owners expectations. Here at Limenco Design we've seen both sides of that coin and prefer building  the latter. To see if your business qualifies for one of these websites please fill in the questionnaire below.

Alternatively call us on 083 550 1138 and we can get all this info from you over the phone.

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