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How to Create a New Gmail Account

How to create a new Gmail Account

Since being launched in the 1990's Gmail has grown to over 376 billion email addresses according to  2021 reports. Not only have their policies changed but so too have their signup processes. If you've discovered it's time for a new or secondary Gmail account. Follow our 5-minute step-by-step tutorial with images and get your new Gmail account started today.

Step 1

Go to www.gmail.com. This will take you to your existing Gmail account. Click your avatar icon top right.

Step 2

From the dropdown that appears select Add another account.

Step 3

A new page opens up and you're shown a list of the Gmail accounts you're currently logged in to. Select Use another account at the bottom of the list.

Step 4

That takes you to the log-in page. Ignore the email or phone input field and select the Create account option.

Step 5

Choose your prefered option from the selection that drops down.

Step 6

Fill in the details as per the form that pops up.

Note: Remember to keep a copy of your new Gmail accounts password

Step 7

Another form pops up, for this one fill in your account recovery information.

Step 8

The next form that pops up is the terms and conditions. Scroll to the bottom and click agree.

Step 9

The next window that opens is the confirmation window. Click continue.

Note: When you click Continue, another tab for Google My Business will open. Close that tab for now. You'll find that the original tab now shows you your new Gmail account dashboard.

Step 10

That's it. You're done and you now have a new Gmail email address.

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