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SEO Starter Packages

If you've never done SEO then there's still much to be gained by getting your website's basics up to date. It's also an affordable way to get you started with keyword ranking and content creation.

Kim Coetzee is a Web Designer based in Kempton Park South Africa with close to 30 years experience in the Marketing world.

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Need Custom SEO?

PRO TIP: Work with an SEO agency that prices their campaigns based on the hours they deliver. This ensures you'll receive tangible work each month.

4 Questions You Should Ask Your SEO Company

Are you asking the right questions? Relying on someone else to do something, that you don't know how to do, can be a daunting prospect. Here are four questions that when answered will give you a good idea of the level of service and expertise you’ll be getting regardless of your SEO knowledge.

1. Black or White Hat

Chances are good few would admit to using black hat techniques. But there is a way to see for yourself what sort of value your SEO company adds. Ask them to show you industry specific articles or comments they've created for their clients. Get URLs and read the content for yourself. Content should be written for people not search engines.

Content plays a key role in ranking, But researching and creating that content is a time consuming job. Check who will be doing that (you or your SEO provider) Confirm costs if it’s not you. This is a hidden cost.

3. Search Volume and Buyer Intent

Confirm that you will be seeing search volumes and customer intent before they optimize your website. Ranking on page one for a keyword that has no buyer intent and search volume still qualifies as a page one result. With this kind of ranking your SEO company looks good but it doesn't add to your bottom line.

4. External Links / Backlinks

Ask up-front how they will get backlinks to your website. The last thing you need is Google penalizing you for having paid someone to leave spammy comments on thousands of websites. Google only penalises you, not the person who did the work.

PRO TIP: Use Google Analytics to work out how many site visitors it takes to get a new customer.

We Learnt SEO the Hard Way

Much like search engine optimisation our SEO story is long and complicated. Certainly not short enough to fit into a brief paragraph. The briefest of summaries is that our first website in 2006 ranked at #1 for years. At the time, few knew or understood SEO. And this was our downfall.

Ranking at #1 is wonderful but it also puts a target on your back. Competitors want what you have and hackers can’t resist. Plus there’s no sense in denying that we thought we were invincible.
The results were devastating. Today that company no longer exists. But it was this trial by fire that brought home the realities of SEO to us. The world had changed and if we (or anyone for that matter) was going to survive we needed to figure SEO out.

At first it was a bit of a maze, but determination got us there. Now days there’s nothing quite as satisfying as hearing a client reflect on what their business was like before Limenco Design came along.
If you’re looking for SEO services please contact us via one of the forms on this page.

Common SEO Questions



Google gets hundreds of thousands of search queries relating to SEO each month. Consider that from this one keyword, they provide you with the answer you are looking for.

How they do this is a closely guarded secret but we can be certain that by recording your responses to their search results they are able to improve their answers for the next time somebody types in that same keyword. They have further refined the searching process by providing an autocomplete function.

With all these tools, the different ways that South Africans can type in a query for SEO Johannesburg remain high, here is a list of the most common ways:

As you can see there are many ways to ask Google to find you a company in Johannesburg South Africa that provides SEO Services. Now if you were to take the time and search for each of these search queries, you will discover that you get different results each time. The website addresses may be the same, but they will be arranged in different ways.

This is because Google has indexed every word on each of these websites and determined that based on the words you typed in (and the order you typed those words in) also called semantics ( noun - the meaning of a word, phrase, or text.) that what you are looking for is best served with the chosen websites.

If you were looking for any of these phrases then this specific web page (https://limencodesign.co.za/search-engine-optimisation/) is what is referred to as an exact match by Google.

  • We are a registered Company.
  • We are located in Gauteng (also referred to as Johannesburg by residents).
  • We provide SEO Services.


The words a person uses in their search query tells Google what their search intent is. One of the most popular search intents for all businesses are any words that indicate buying intent. Price, Affordable, Cheap, Pricing. All these words indicate that the person searching is considering how much something costs.

Here again Google must provide the person searching with results that most closely match his request. Here is a list of common phrases where SEO is matched with a price request:

Although each of these queries might look the same. By assessing them closely you will see that each phrases's intent is slightly different. Consider how a person searching for SEO Cost in South Africa has less buying intent than SEO Prices in Johannesburg. Or that someone asking "How much does SEO cost in South Africa" may be much further up the buying journey than someone searching for "Cheap SEO Packages South Africa"

As a result Google would show the person looking for SEO Cost in South Africa an overview. An article that discusses SEO Costs would be more informative to a searcher than displaying a single companies website that has prices.

If you were looking for any of these phrases then this specific web page (https://limencodesign.co.za/search-engine-optimisation/) is what is referred to as Highly Meets by Google.

    When Google sees a search phrase like SEO Services Gauteng there is no doubt about what the searchers intent is. Try it for yourself and see what results Google serves up. Company after company is listed. To buyers searching for someone to help them get their website ranking it might appear that anyone not ranking on page #1 for this keyword doesn't know how to rank their own website, let alone yours. But delve deeper and you will discover that the top ranking website for a specific keyword might have less visits for that service than the website ranking in position #4. To give you an idea here is a list of phrases all of which have a similar intent.
As a buyer of Search Engine Optimisation services you have a lot to consider when choosing the right company. Our recommendation is to do your research. At the very least an SEO company should have taken the time to rank for some if not all of the SEO terms listed on this page. There are situations where a company might be so busy performing SEO for their clients that they don't get around to doing SEO for their own website. However this is it'self an indication that they may not have adequate resources. If you were looking for any of these phrases then this specific web page limencodesign.co.za is what is referred to as Highly Meets by Google.
  • We are based in South Africa.
  • We We are staffed by South Africans
  • We are a registered Company
  • Our Websites Rank for multiple Keywords on Google
  • We can assist anyone remotely

Learning how to rank your or someone else's website at the top of Google is a skill worth it's weight in gold.

To give you an example. Three years ago we did some SEO for one of our smaller web design customers. It wasn't a lot of SEO and the job was done over the course of three months. The shortest package we offered at the time. At first the business didn't hear anything. But behind the scenes we were watching as the site climbed through the rankings. Week after week Google Analytics showed it ranking on a higher page. Then December arrived and the world shut down. Analytics were forgotten. Then the first working day of January arrived. No one was prepared for what was about to happen. 8o'clock chimed and suddenly their phones lit up. 17 calls for appointments in that first week of January!

That was two years ago, but even though that SEO completely turned their business around that is not the most important part of the story. The real power of their SEO came in after the COVID19 Lockdown. Like everyone they went into Lockdown. And like everyone, no one could have imagined the financial strain. It was difficult for everyone. To make matters worse when Lockdown ended it became apparent that many of their customers could no longer afford their services.

Every week brought 2 or 3 cancellations. For any other company this would have spelled disaster. But not them. They continued to get up to 6 calls a day. Yes it was sad to say goodbye to customers they'd looked after for years. To try and help they gave discounts and extended payment terms where they could. But with work consistently coming in through the door the demand for maintaining service levels didn't stop.

They are busier now than ever! That is the power of ranking at #1 and #2. Whats most interesting is that the keywords this business ranks for, get searched less than 500 times a month, across the entirety of South Africa! In the world of SEO it's counter intuitive to optimise ones website for them. And yet put an experienced marketer in the chair who understands how South Africans think and how they do business and it's a completely different story.

Is SEO quick and easy, the answer is a firm No! Can anyone do SEO, technically the answer is Yes, but in reality few are able to invest the time it takes to learn the techniques let alone gain certainty on the outcome of their actions.

How to rank my website at the top of Google can be worded in a multitude of ways. Here we list a handful of the variations:

There are a range of services that can be classified as SEO Limenco Design offers a wide variety of services that can get you to the top of Google.

What is SEO

SEO is made up of a combination of activities that influence your websites ranking position. In a nutshell though, it has to do with your websites relationship with other websites and the internet community. Its sort of like a popularity contest.  Like any contest it has official rules and technically speaking does not discriminate against smaller businesses. But the system is based on popularity. The more people that visit your website and the more 'other websites' link to you, the more Google sees you as being popular and the higher they rank you in search results.

SEO then is a process of researching a target audiences preference history and then modeling a website or marketing campaign so that it adheres to these preferences. The logic being that the more one identifies with a specific audience, the more likely that audience is to identify with you. Which as history shows is an ideal environment for further interactions. Such as members of that target audience stepping forward and identifying themselves as being a potential client.

Search engines don't have ears or eyes. So everything about SEO hinges on the written word aka keywords. Keywords can come from a variety of places. One of the first places we check is with you. That's right, your years of experience helping customers means you’ve heard the words customers think of when they're looking for you. Hello, do you sell “X” or I need “Y”. Those words and phrases are your golden keywords. Another excellent place is online, specifically your competitors. We call it industry research. After that, there are forums and online sales portals.

This research gets captured and analyzed and from it, we pick the words you are most likely to get buyer-specific traffic from.


We can only assist you if your website has been built with WordPress.
Limenco Design reserves the right to decide which SEO activities to perform and in which order these should be prioritized.
Limenco Design does not guarantee page one results or the time it will take for your keywords to rank.

Dominate Your Market With Search Engine Optimisation

Optimizing your website for the right keywords is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective investments you could make. But don't be fooled. Ranking for any keyword is not for the faint-hearted. It requires dedication and commitment. When you start the process understand that you need to stay in it for the long run.

Search Engine Optimization is a different process from Web Design. Whereas with your Website it's a start, change, stop kind of activity. SEO is an ongoing process. Additionally, with a website, you get to tell us what you want and then you get that. With SEO the parameters are completely different, there's a lot more information sharing, and the results often a work in progress.

SEO is one of the most profitable online activities you could undertake and with us at your side we make keyword ranking easy.


Great! Please fill in your details below and we'll send you more information.

Question: How much does SEO cost in South Africa

Answer: Anything from R1500 to over R100k pm Pricing depends on what you need, the size of your website and the experience of the person or company providing the SEO service.

Local is Lekker

From Margate to Plettenburg Bay, Beit Bridge to the Drakensburg. We've Cruised Highways, Jarred Our Way Down Dirt Roads, Navigated Bustling Township's and Gotten Lost in Leafy Suburbs. From Sleepy Towns to 24/7 City Centres. We've Lived and Breathed South Africa for Over 50 Years.
We Know How to Connect You With Your Target Market.

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