The Smartest Way to Get Seen

Recruiters and HR Staff have to wade through hundreds if not thousands of CV's every month.

Job hunting has gotten tougher

COVID19 has resulted in millions of people losing their jobs. There are subsequently more CV’s being sent out today than ever before.

Those who are still employing rarely have the time to sift through them, instead, they hire recruiters.

Fewer vacancies, fewer recruiters, more CV’s.

How do you:

  • Get a recruiter to consider you for his vacancy over the hundreds of other applications he’s received.
  • Catch an employer's attention and make a favourable impression.

“Make Videos of Yourself” They Say

If creating videos of yourself is something you struggle with there is a solution.

Personalized Slider Video's

A slider video tells people about you but eliminates the need to be filmed.

Slider video's are great for:

Recruiter Introductions

General Introductions

Employer Introductions

What I Do Explainers

You don't even have to figure out what to say. We'll script the video for you.


We all love simple answers. However, when it comes to finding a job there is not a universal one-step solution.  In other words, a video resume works better than a CV because it communicates more effectively than reading does.

The key to a video resume's success however is not the method used to deliver the message. It's the message.

What you say, how you say it, and to whom you say it.

What does 'work' imply? Here the word 'work' implies being offered a job by an employer as a result of the inclusion of a video resume.

However, when one considers all the stages involved in a successful placement it becomes a complex matter.

For example, is the job located in a convenient location? Is the pay being offered acceptable?

At every stage of the process, there are decisions that need to be made. By both the applicant and those involved in the placement.

A video resume plays a vital role in the early stages. It can mean the difference between having one's CV read and seriously considered or being brushed aside without regard.

Capturing your target audience's attention in a good way, a professional way is key.

Ultimately the 'job' of getting the job rests on the applicant's shoulders. So while a video can influence the decision to seriously consider the applicant, that influence is gradually replaced by the applicant's own ability as he/she progresses through the elimination rounds.


For the first time Limenco Design, in close association with recruitment experts introduces the Job Hunter Introduction Video Package

  • Tailor-made
  • Strategic
  • Effective

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