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  • New Website
  • Logo Redesign
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Forms


Recruitment encompasses a wide range of skills. Negotiation and agreement being at the forefront.

With this vision in mind, the classic handshake had already been adopted. The task was then to transform the logo into a crisp clean vector image representation.


Logo Iterations (to iterate means to do something again)

In the case of The Recruitment Pro, adjusting the logo to suit the purpose was acceptable. (Similar to the company's motto of accommodating their clients requirements) the logo has various iterations so that it can better fit with the environment it's being used in.

Staying true to a single logo format can on occasion also make comprehension and legibility difficult.

Testing Your Logo Against a Dark Background

Whose to say where and how your logo will be displayed. Whether it's a high resolution LCD screen or an invoice that's been copied as a mono image. Testing against a dark or coloured background can esure your logo's integrity for years to come.


With so much of the The Recruitment Pro's work involving meetings and written documents, the need for a comprehensive corporate identity was soon apparent. Developed over a period of time the end result is a brand identity the company is proud of. Encompassing as it does elements of the design assets it first started with. ( A self designed logo and colour scheme) through to the preferred partner it is today.

Pattern Design

There's more to branding than just a logo. Patterns and marks play an important role too. In the case of The Recruitment Pro the inspiration came from the logo. Two hands joined together depicted through the use of straight lines curved at the joins. Square, solid, reliable. It followed that the pattern should also depict these values. Squares rather than circles. But no hard edges. The interlocking square was a perfect choice. In it's own way also a representation of joined hands.


Sharing information is a crucial aspect in the recruitment world.  For The Recruitment Pro not only was it important to gather this information in an easy and convenient manner but the behind the scenes management of this information was also critical.

Working together (meaning we refined the process over a period of time) we created a system where new positions could be loaded and distributed across multiple social media platforms and via email in a quick and easy format. Not only did we assist with the marketing system for distribution but we also assisted with a behind the scenes database management system, ensuring that all applicants information was attended to according to the companies regulations.


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