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Having lived and worked in Kempton for over 20 years it was a natural progression for the Limenco team to contribute our time and resources towards activities that improve the quality of life of for those living in our area.

And we are not alone. Kempton Park is home to many people, both private individuals and public servants who share these beliefs. It is our privilege to work alongside them as they contribute so selflessly towards the good of all.

The Keep Kempton Safe website was born out of a need to manage the communities local Neighbourhood Watch Whatsapp Crime Group. This then extended through to the CPF (Community Police Forum) and now covers a wide network of Crime Groups based in and around Kempton Park.


Capturing the spirit of togetherness and community was a key goal in the design of the Keep Kempton Safe logo.

With the philosophy that many hands make light work and styled to closely resemble the local Neighbourhood Watch logo from which the Keep Kempton Safe initiative was born.


As most volunteer organizations will appreciate, calling for volunteers from the community takes dedication and commitment. The goals were many, raise awareness amongst the community, attract the attention and involvement of residents who qualify for the Neighbourhood Watch and Community Police Forum and communicate to an audience with ages spanning from 18 to 80 across a diverse background.




Distribution was limited to a specific area of Kempton park and would be provided by the Post Office.

Taking the distribution method into consideration we were aware that flyers receive little to no notice as they travel from the postbox at the front of the property to the dustbin at the back. Bright colours were needed. Eventually the superhero, pop art theme was decided on. Made popular by comic books in the era before the internet and appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The messaging was bold and playful. With the intention of taking a serious subject, i.e. crime, and steering it towards comerderie and working together, with emphasis on appreciation and acknowledgement.  Additional value was added (in the hopes that residents would not throw the flyer away) by the inclusion of emergency numbers and safety tips on the back.



The same flyers were distributed to approximately 1000 homes on two occasions. Here we look at the Google Analytics data for the 6 months after distribution began. The website was initially launched in March and only promoted amongst the Neighbourhood Watch and CPF members. Data provided here is therefore not clouded by any other promotions or Google search results.

Did the flyer achieve it's goal?

During the 6 months after the flyer was first sent out, 1300 New Users were recorded by Google Analytics. 1137 were direct visitors, meaning the website address was manually typed in to the browser. 149 were as a result of Google search results and the remaining were from Social Media and referrals.

It therefor appears that the bulk of visitors have been made aware of the website through an offline medium and we see the flyer as being the main contributor towards this statistic.


Digging deeper we see that South African visits contributed 113 of the 1300 and of those, 79 were from Gauteng.  But the key statistic comes from the offline data. During that 6 month period 7 Whatsapp signups were received. Since then the signups have continued to grow.

From a marketing point of view what are we actually looking at?
7 local signups from 79 Gauteng visits. This is a remarkable response rate when compared with average flyer distribution responses of 0.01 and 0.02. The Keep Kempton Safe flyer got a 0.08 response. 400% higher than the average.

All of which is a contribution we are proud to have been a part of. Special Thanks goes to the management of the sector 2.1 Neighbourhood Watch who provided input, encouragement and funds for the post office distribution and a huge thanks goes to Rory Smart from SSS Security for sponsoring the printing of the flyer. Working together we can make a difference.

Please Note

The information provided has been expressly permitted by the site admin. Google Analytics data forms a part of our client confidentiality agreement and is never disclosed without prior consent.

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