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We Create and Implement Marketing Strategies

Do Better Marketing

Discover the true power of marketing. Limenco Design offers a range of marketing services designed to help you achieve your income goals. Simply, effectively and affordably.

Whether you need someone experienced in marketing to discuss your plans with or want to outsource your marketing responsibilities. Limenco Design is able to assist and guide you according to your needs.


Market Insights

What does your target market find irresistible and how do you position yourself to take advantage of that? Give your marketing campaigns direction by understanding target market motivations.

Costs Analysis

How do you structure the costs of your marketing campaigns so that you can both profit and reduce risks? Adopting a long term strategic approach to marketing requires an experienced guide.

Predictable Results

What are predictable results and how does one achieve them. An experienced marketing consultant can help keep you on the right track.

A Marketing Strategy Saves You Money

Marketing is like an iceberg. We see the advertising and think that that's all there is. But, the real power lies beneath the surface.  If you want to discover that power for yourself. Fill in the form below for your free assessment.



Pricing starts at R5000 and ranges up depending on time, deliverables and implementation.

When you get right down to the nuts and bolts of marketing it really all hinges on how much money you have.  There's no point in designing a plan that relies on massive promotion if your advertising budget only allows you to promote to a fraction of your local area.

So the first question we will be asking is what is your monthly budget? And how long can you maintain that budget for.

Once we know that, it becomes possible to plan. We'll have limits on how much can be allocated towards research, campaign formulation  (designing assets), and of course the distribution and the expected returns.

Fill in the form below and let us assist you with your market domination.

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Please Note There are companies that charge hundreds of thousands of rands for a comprehensive marketing plan. Our service is a bit leaner and meaner. With the focus being on attaining the best results in the shortest amount of time. Perfect for those who are not yet at the hundreds of thousands for a plan, stage.

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