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Lets do a Quick Recap

If you've never used Google Ads then lets go over the basics. Google Ads or Pay per Click Advertising are the 4 results you see at the top of your search results. They appear in those positions because advertisers are paying Google to show up for some or all, of the words you typed in. (Keywords)

Outbidding at Auction

They may not be the only advertisers who want to show up for the words you typed in. Which is why Google has auctions. So that everyone who wants to show up has a fair chance. The higher the bid, the more likely they are to get that #1 position. But that's not what they pay for. They only pay, if someone clicks into their website.

Buying Behaviour

Out bidding your competitors to be first in line is only half of the story. The next challenge is to be the website that gets in front of the right audience. The people who are ready to buy. This requires researching your markets buying behaviours so that you can bid on the most lucrative days and time of day.

Market Location

The next key ingredient is choosing locations that are most likely to have the highest number of qualifying buyers. For example you might do house calls and prefer advertising to home owners from your area. But know that most people call after they arrive at work. Which raises the question, where is your markets work location?

Conversion Tracking

Getting clicks into your website is what you pay for, the next job is to convert that visitor into an enquiry.  Google wants to help with that. But they need data first. Which means the higher your budget and the longer you run your campaign the better they get at figuring it out. This involves setting up conversion tracking.

Connect at Exactly the Right Moment

Reach Potential Buyers at the Exact Moment They Need Your Service or Product

The All Seeing Google

Who better to know at what exact moment someone is at the point of making a buying decision than Google Ads?

Tailored Targeting

Tailor your campaign to only show to consumers that have the potential to convert into customers.

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