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Can you remember the days when at 13h00 on a Saturday, businesses shut. Or how Mom would send us running to the cafe before it closed.

Shopping times may have changed, but the need for convenience stays the same. If you've decided it's time to take your business online, speak to Limenco Design.

The Brick and Mortar Advantage

Being trustworthy is a key component in the online world. A business premises is a major trust factor. Being trusted has a knock on effect for ecommerce sites.

Resulting in increased customer convenience, increased credibility and increased revenue.

It's About Customer Convenience

Have you ever found exactly what you needed online but there were no prices. If you're like me, before you jumped in the car you gave them a call, waited for the right person, explained what web page you were on and then providing pricing was acceptable got in the car.

On the way there you probably also hoped that there weren't any mistakes with what was discussed. Let's face it, websites with no prices are an inconvenience!

There is another side to the coin, many businesses rely on in store sales. Re-evolving even a portion of one's business for online can méan much more than just throwing up a website. It can mean an entirely new way of doing things. 

The question, is it worth it, is no longer in debate. The world is moving online, if you aren't, then what does that mean for the future of your business?

Is Anyone Going to Mention The Elephant in The Room?

The challenge with taking a brick and mortar business online, isn't so much the actual website, as it is the extra costs involved in the ongoing management of it.

Ecommerce automates the sales process. Resulting in the need to find new ways to maintain your processes. New software, new job responsibilities, new staff.

A big investment for an as yet unknown return. The best advice is to collaborate with your web designer, especially one that is business savvy.

Finding ways to:

        • Reduce risk.
        • Incorporate leads into existing processes.
        • Minimise daily price updates.

Take the Plunge, But Use a Safety Net

Fortunately websites are not cast in stone. They can be changed with more ease than changing your businesses systems and processes. Which raises the question of WordPress.

WordPress currently runs around 30% of the planets websites. This is all well and good. But where it really benefits you, is that WordPress is a platform that many people know how to use. When you're going through the "getting online" phase. Do you really want to be stuck with a speciality software support industry?

Starting off with WordPress gives you the opportunity to change your website with relative ease while you adapt to a new way of doing things. A WordPress website grows with you.

Your Customers are Gonna Love You

Ecommerce is a virtual shop. Just like a real shop, the more care and attention you give to visitors, the better your sales.

If your business is about great service, great products and building long term relationships, here is the opportunity you've been waiting for.


Limenco Design provides virtual training with each ecommerce website built. Catering for all levels of WordPress proficiency. Additionally we can customise the WordPress backend based on your user level requirements. So for example, if you have staff who should have limited access, we can customise their interface down to only those tasks they need access to.

In addition we provide copies of all training videos should you need to refer to them in the future.

eCommerce for Existing Businesses

Limenco Design specialises in building eCommerce websites for existing businesses.  Providing guidance on solutions that will cost effectively suit inhouse systems, while at the same time expanding marketing reach through the internet.

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