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If ever humanity shared something in common, its our love of stories. Real or made up it doesn't matter. Written or spoken, we soak it all up with ease. And don't think that we are immune when it comes to business websites. No no, we are just as interested, if not more, when it comes to subjects involving money.

Writing copy for a business website is a fascinating process. Sort of like navigating your way across a minefield. On the one hand, you have this huge canvas on which to paint a picture of the wonders of your product. And on the other, you have all these buyer reservations to avoid. Made harder by the fact that you can't gauge the potential buyers reactions and change tactics to suit them.

As terrifying as these pitfalls are, the wrong thing to do, is to sanitise your canvas (website) down to universal acceptability.  When you do that all you're doing is becoming the same as everyone else, and that means you're not going to stand out. You're just gonna be another face in the crowd.

What is a business after all, if not a group of people. People who stand for something. People who deliver on their promises, day in and day out. Doesn't that still count for something? I say it does!

With that said, lets dive in and shine a light on a dirty little secret. Our imposter syndromes. That secret fear that we're frauds and not good enough. Just look at all the websites out there. Look at what they're really saying. These are the fruits of the imposter syndrome at work. Gagging man's ability to communicate his value.

Because lets remember that we love to consume. And yet, we remain reluctant to stand up and communicate who we are and what we stand for. The very thing that the buying public is hungry for.

The world is primed for website content. A website is your canvas, your window to the world. Don't fill it with the same old stuff that everyone else has in theirs.  Make it your own, make it a statement. Stand for who you are!

Author: Kim Coetzee

Kim creates business websites. She's also a graphic designer and marketing consultant. Her focus is on assisting companies relate with their markets.

Contact Limenco Design to get in touch with her.

Sliding Scale Price List


Words Per Word Rate Please Note
300-600 words R2.85 300 Word Minimum
601-900 words R2.75
901-1200 words R2.65
1201-1500 words R2.55
1501-1800 words R2.45
1801-2100 words R2.35 Sliding scale reduction every 300 words
2101-2400 words R2.25
2401-2700 words R2.15
2701-3000 words R2.05
3001-3300 words R1.95
3301-3600 words R1.85 Pricing applicable to website & online content only. Story boarding, printed articles and novels fall outside of the scope of this list.
3601-3900 words R1.75
3901-4200 words R1.65
4201-4500 words R1.55
4501-4800 words R1.45
4801-5100 words R1.35
5101+ words R1.25

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