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We design business cards, email signatures and digital business cards. Speak to us about your business card requirements today.

Please Note We can get this service done really quickly, but it does mean you will need to provide us with a high quality logo .png or .svg file. If you need a logo designed, please visit our logo design page. If you're looking for a brand identity please visit our brand identity design page.


Do you print business cards or just design them?
What if I don't like your design?
What happens if there's a mistake?
What do I get for a business card design?


Business card design starts at R900 and can range up to R2500 depending on the scope of the work.

Where design work extends past a card layout, for example patterns, we will provide you with scalable vector graphics files of the patterns together with unrestricted usage rights.

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Logo's, we see them everyday, so much so that when the subject of a new logo comes up. Many of us will immediately think, ‘oh that’s not a problem I can just go and quickly create a logo on any of those free sites’

But when you arrive it very quickly becomes apparent that choosing a new logo is easier said than done.

I’ll let you in on a secret as to why this is so hard. It’s a bit corny, but it really is true. I heard this many years ago and while the subject of the conversation is long forgotten the idea stuck.

“A diamond cannot see its own sparkle.”

And we all know how drawn we are to the sparkle of a diamond. The way the light reflects through that ancient compressed piece of rock makes many a woman and a man’s heart beat a bit quicker.

But the diamond (if it had eyes) would never see this itself. Never truly understand it’s own brilliance. And this is (in my opinion) why designing your own logo is hard, if not near impossible. You cannot see yourself the way someone else, (specifically a creative person) will see you.

The other reason is that art is a form of communication. We all know what we like seeing, but turn it around and become the person responsible for communicating that idea and it’s quickly apparent that it’s not as easy as it appears.

A Logo Communicates Your Brand

How your logo is perceived will influence how you are treated.

I could go on and on about how important a logo is. How it determines how people see you. How it impacts on the kind of business relationships you’ll have. How it can even impact on whether or not you get paid on time. But I’m sure you know all of this already.

The choice you need to make. Is it worth it to pay a professional graphic designer to design your logo?

We’re graphic designers, that’s how we earn a living, so of course we’re going to say yes. But just know that when it comes to our logo we fall into the dynamic logo category. Because no matter how skilled you are, designing your own logo can become a never ending story.

Our advice, based on experience is, Yes, pay a professional graphic designer to design your logo.

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