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Why Having a Blog Page Is Important

Lets face it, few of us enjoy writing.

This is particularly true for the real world business owner. We're hands on, face to face kind of people. Something needs to get done, we're the man (or woman) for the job. But don't ask us to write about it!

The internet on the other hand is an information vacuum. No matter how much information you give it, it wants more!

Into this environment is thrust the practical business owner. The guy or gal who just wants to 'quietly' go about their business.

But it's not all bad. The 'internet' might take us out of our comfort zones, but there are rewards. The kind of rewards we all appreciate. More customers.

It was this reality that drew millions (if not billions) of businesses owners away from their tools and inspired them to go out on a limb and have websites created for their businesses.

Had everything stayed the same this would have been just fine. Alas the internet demands ever more. And this resulted in websites no longer bringing the kind of traffic the reticent business owner expected.

The Solution = Blogging

Call them what you will. Product Information pages, Articles, Blog Posts, Portfolio Items. They all boil down to yet another unique webpage with yet more uniquely worded content. This is what the internet thrives on.

Moving the Goal Posts

This means that company websites that get built and then left, are over time relegated to lower and lower search engine rankings. The goals posts are always moving. And companies need to keep up with them.

Building a Blogging Framework

Adding pages to your website is as easy as writing a word document. There's no need to worry that logging on to your website is going to bring the whole thing crashing down.

WordPress is designed for just that. It lets you easily log on, add content and log off. No designing or coding needed.

Put Some Thought Into How People Get To Your Blog

Having articles is the first step. The next is ensuring your customers and internet users can find it.

Having a system that ensures each new article is indexed and correctly categorized saves you loads of time in the long run. The easier you make it for people to find and interact with your articles, the easier you make it for them to connect with you.

Customers Love Regular Content

The more regularly you connect with your customer the more they remember you and the more likely they are to choose you the next time they need your service or product.

Integrate With Other Platforms and Save Time

Setting your blog up so that it automatically posts to Facebook, Linked in and Mailchimp makes your content go further. Now one blog article can achieve a variety of Marketing checkpoints.

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