Computer Generated Graphics

Turn your product range into photo realistic models.

Have you added a new product and realized you need to re shoot your entire range. Turning your product range into 3D models eliminates this time consuming activity.

We create 3D models for a range of products. Perfect for the growing product line or products that benefit from super realism.



3D design pricing starts from R3500 up.


What sort of images are improved with 3D?

3D Project

The process of turning a real world object into a Computer Generated Graphic is first achieved by building a wireframe. Below we have an image of the original cable followed by a render of the solid mesh and the final render with materials and lighting applied.

Actual Cable

Solid Mesh

Final Render

More About 3D Images

The benefits of using 3D image technology is that you have a never ending supply of image possibilities.

Once a model has been built you have the option of taking virtual "photographs" from any number of angles and distances.

With 3D models your product range is always available in pristine condition for your next photoshoot.

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